Today’s consumer-based society is producing more waste and trash than ever. According to the construction materials recycling association, construction demolitions are the number one source of waste produced in the United States. In an attempt to decrease the waste production, here are some things you should recycle from construction debris.

1. Wood and Lumbar

It can be safely assumed that wood-based furniture and panels are some of the topmost items new homeowners invest in. whether its wooden frames, panels, doors or flooring, wooden items are undoubtedly the number one item you should consider recycling and reusing. Not only does it reduce landfill dumps, recycling wood from a 1500 yard home can save 33 trees in the process.

2. Steel

Today America is known as the urban jungle of the world, when it comes to building skyscrapers, bridges, buildings and apartment complexes, steel from construction demolitions is a potential resource for recycling. Reused steel is highly reliable and durable, also the amount of steel recycled from a conventional house is close to 6 average-sized cars.

3. Glass and Windows

No doubt recycling windows and glass is expensive construction equipment, but if you get the chance to recycle glass from your construction project, you must! One of the main reasons why glass and window recycling is discouraged by contractors is because glass is cheap and easily manufactured. Secondly, aluminum, vinyl, and lamination layers need to be removed from the glass first in order to recycle it.

4. Landscape Waste

In an attempt to reduce plant and vegetation based waste, most law enforcing agencies have banned the use of local landfills for plant-based wastage. Recycling landscape wastages is an important aspect for most construction companies now, homeowners can use the foliage as decoration, even homeowners can use the vegetation as compost, or replant some of the plants back.

5. Appliances

Appliances take up a huge chunk of investment for any homeowner. If your construction site has a lot of leftover appliances, it’s better to look into options for recycling and reusing them. Consider donating them to an organization if they are still functional, you can also call up a local electric departmental store to pick up the electronics and recycle their parts.

6. Concrete

Once looked upon as garbage, concrete, and masonry is now widely crushed and recycled in various other projects. Once the concrete is free of any debris and wood, the concrete is shifted to a crushing center only to be used for filling roads and pavements.

7. Copper

Known as a prestigious metal, copper is widely resourced from piping and wirings after a planned demolition. The copper market is extremely lucrative right now, and while most contractors prefer new copper wiring for electrical installations, most of the copper can still be sold ahead to junkyards and metal dealers to be used somewhere else.

However, if you don’t want to waste anything, you should use a haul away junk Austin service to take the construction debris and recycle it.

Every haul away junk Austin service has recycling plans with mostly competitive junk removal Austin cost with the material they remove, so you will be relaxed that you have contributed in reducing waste.


In an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint, the construction industry must take steps to assure the proper recycling of used goods.


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