1. All Season Tires

All-season tires are designed to provide both comfort and handling throughout the year, regardless of seasons. They are built to provide excellent traction all season. You can identify all-season tires by their tread pattern which is usually symmetrical and circumferential for grip during wet weather. Most of the time when you search find tires for my car, you get these tires.

2. Touring Tires

Touring tires are comparatively better in handling. They too are designed to provide comfortable and reliable ride all season. Some customers and car fanatics demand better handling over comfort. As a result, they decide to go for tires that are designed to provide better performance capabilities. There is a variety of tires available in the market. People who do not possess basic knowledge can easily become confused while buying them. It is always suggested to start with car type in order to decide what tire type you want.

3. Performance Tires

In order to provide excellent wet weather traction, performance tires come with larger lateral and circumferential grooves. In addition to that, they are also enriched with dense silica and sipping tread compounds. Performance tires have a speed rating that is higher than touring tires.

4. Summer Tires

Everyone who searches for find tires for my car should know that summer tires are especially designed for both dry and wet seasons. They are not all season tires, hence, they are not made for all season traction. Such tires are optimized for weather which is warm and provide grip and better handling, when the conditions are either wet or dry. Summer tires have very little or almost no sipping. They generally feature patches which are solid contact, with circumferential grooves. Generally recommended for performance cars, they perform well in climates that are warm.

5. Track and Competition Tires

For those who want to be like Lewis Hamilton on track, track and competition tires are there for them. Track and competition tires are designed and developed to provide the ultimate performance. They are not used for daily driving. Such tires feature heavenly traction during dry conditions and they differ in construction as well as they feature Kevlar or Aramid as sidewall reinforcements. These tires are D.O.T approved and are used for track days that are amateur and competitions that are professional. 

6. All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are more aggressive in terms of tread pattern as compared to normal high way tires. They feature larger blocks of tread and voids, which enables them to provide traction in terrains which are off-road. Designed to tackle mud and sand gravel, these tires have little or no comfort on road. 

7. Mud-Terrain Tires

If there’s anything more aggressive than all-terrain tires, it is definitely going to be mud-terrain tires. Mud-terrain tires are extremely aggressive with even larger blocks and voids. Such tires are designed to tackle deep mud and sand. These tires come with even more high enforcement sidewalls which allows them to provide enhanced traction in soft terrains while giving them a rugged look. Since while off-road driving, tires can be subjected to punctures, abrasions and tears, the side walls of these tires are heavily reinforced. These tires have less comfort and tend to produce more noise.

That’s it. Now when you will search find tires for my car, you’ll know what to look for.


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