Having wiggle bicycle accessories especially if you’re looking to ride on those tough terrains is one way of saying you’re prepared. Not only your skill on bicycle counts but the proper gear too, and one of the important one is having the proper glasses!

Guide to Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses protect your eyes from dirt, debris and small insects especially if you’re going through a heavy descent or on an equally heavy terrain. Even on a clear day, you need all the wiggle bicycle accessories to help you out. And glasses are the most important because each day is different with different challenges you’ll face hence make sure to give some priority to it.

Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying your glasses:

1. Lenses

Lenses are the most essential part of the glasses. Pick the right ones and you’re set for a lifetime, pick the wrong ones and you can very well do permanent damage to yourself. There are different types of lens each designed for meeting different situations during the day. There is a tinted lens to protect you from sunlight or lens that provide shade from the exact sun. Then there are some which help you see in the fog. The best of all these are the photochromatic ones. Now, these might be very expensive but they serve the purpose very well.

2. Frame

There are dozens of frames available. All from stylish to simple and so much. However, make sure you choose the one which fits you snugly. Because when you’re out there, the style won’t help you out rather the comfort and the grip will do so. So try out each and every frame, see which one is well suited for your eyes and your head. If it grips your face properly or not then buy the one you love!

3. Shades

You need proper shades as well to protect you from rain and sunlight alike. So make sure to select glasses with perfect shades. The store manager can help you out with these if you’re a beginner because no matter how much you read about it, you have to try them on your eyes and in this case the shopkeepers have pretty much experience.

4. UV Protection

Almost all glasses come with this feature but sometimes shopkeepers like to trick you into buying things which don’t stand up to the mark. Here at the specialized bike store, you can have the perfect glasses which will have UV protection enabled.

5. Prescription Glasses

If you’re already prescribed with glasses then make sure the ones which serve your eyesight as well. This means you buy prescribed cycling glasses as well. Prescribed cycling glasses are nowadays available at every store so just confirm your lens readings or numbers and you will get bicycle glasses with the same amount of concave or convex to it.


Hence glasses protect your eyes a lot. Going biking without them is a huge folly. So when buying your other gear, make sure you include glasses into it!


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