If we look back to the history of 3D printing, Charles Hull has indicated the process in initial. He has invented a process to produce a 3D object from digital media. Also, he named the process stereolithography. This is also the process to get a 3D model from an image. It was a huge invention that provides its users one great thing ever. That’s you can test your design prior to making an investment in this project. It was the year 1986 when Hull went on this process. And that’s still remaining alive till today as one of the biggest 3D printing companies.

What is 3D printing in Short?

In short, 3D printing is a process of digital data to convert into the physical stage. It’s usually used to make solid objects of the three-dimensional from the digital files. So, if we say in brief the process of 3D printing is performed by the additive. And the process gets complete after making some essential layers of materials. You’ll find all layers are sliced thinly with the cross-section of the final object. If we say in another way it’s just a printing method to print layer by layer. Also, you need a 3D printer to complete the process.

What is the 3D printing History in Milestones?

There is a rich history of 3D printing and it was started from a faulty machine. It was brought something in final you can take to live to anything. If you ever yourself how the journey of 3D printing was started you should go through the entire page. This printing method is today’s growing industry across the world. This is because the process can produce almost anything from toys to guns and even homes. It means that we’re going to enter into the world of 3D printing replacing the traditional printings. Well, let’s know some milestones of the 3D printing history prior to being a part of the history.

The Year 1992

This is the year when stereolithographic (SLA) machine was produced. Here is used a liquid that is similar to honey in the process of UV laser solidifying photopolymer.

The Year 1999

This year the process gets advanced the engineering organs. In this time, they used a synthetic scaffold covered with the own cells of the patient. It gets a huge development in this session.

The Year 2002

The first 3D printing of a small kidney that was able to function in an animal. It led to some bigger goals to start producing various organs and tissues.

The Year 2005

This year scientists initiate an open-source method. They use it to produce a 3D printer that was able to print the majority of its own parts. It was aimed to provide the units to the individuals so they can make their own necessary parts.

The Year 2008

The users get more access to the printer for their family and friends.

The Year 2011

The first 3D printed car comes in life this year. It’s as sleek as environmental-friendly as well fuel-efficient.

The Year 2018 and the Future

Continue creating new items from human organs to living house.

Final Thoughts

For sure, we’re very near to the 3D printing world. So, the history of 3D printing is not going to be over soon. We’re waiting to see the days if it’s possible to make the entire human body parts with 3D printing components.


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