There are a number of US automakers that have introduced so many amazing cars. In this post, we are going to list some of the best American cars you should buy.

1. Tesla Model S


Elan Musk’s Tesla has gained popularity more like a brand that specializes in electric and driverless cars. This Model S is really an impressive car with a lot of great features. The car can achieve 60mph speed within just 2.5 seconds. Other features that make a stunning car include great performance, amazing fuel economy, seven-seater, extremely fast speed, and improved safety and security.

2. Ford Mustang


Are you looking for Ford Mustang Philippines price? Mustang is one of the best American cars you will see these days. Even US News Best Cars have listed this car at the top in their ranking of the best sports cars. Ford Mustang Philippines price beats all other competitors when it comes to performance and safety scores. It is available in multiple versions and the base model comes with an engine of 300 horsepower.

3. Chevrolet Colorado


If you are looking for an America made pickup truck that fits into small streets and offers great performance and luggage capacity, Chevrolet Colorado can be the best choice. This pickup truck ranks among the top when it comes to best compact pickups. With two cabs available, three engine choices, two- or four-wheel drive, and two-bed configurations- this can make an awesome pickup truck for the Americans.

4. Cadillac Escalade


General Motors is best known for quality vehicles and Escalade is the true example of its hard work and dedication. Escalade is one of the finest luxury SUVs you can ever get in the US. The powerful, the huge, the best, the luxury vehicle, the beat when it comes to performance, best fuel-efficient SUV- are some of the words experts have shared for the Escalade. You can imagine how great his SUV is.

5. Ford F-150


You will forget all other full-size pickup trucks if you check this truck. The experts have termed it one of the best American made pickup trucks. The best thing about is that it has reduced its weight and improved the fuel economy impressively. An automobile full of horsepower!

6. Chrysler 300


The latest limited edition of Chrysler 300 is just splendid. It has a lavish look with more than the extraordinary interior. The performance of the car has been amazing over the years but the new model comes with better features, specs and an improved engine. You can expect great quality rides and extreme comfort with this vehicle.

7. Jeep Grand Cherokee


If you are a Jeep fan, this car will impress you a lot. It’s all about style and substance.

The bold appearance coupled with the tag of one of the quickest SUVs in the US, it is turning heads. You can’t just ignore this Jeep because of its style, lavish look, high-quality interior, and affordable price.

Buying the dream car is a crucial job. Deciding the model for you is also crucial. The information mentioned here about these cars can be helpful for you to decide if you are in a fix to choose any model among them while buying a new car.


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