The global climate change and the environmental health issues are at its highest and it’s starting to worry everybody on planet earth. Numerous sanctions have been imposed and laws passed but it is necessary for every person to take part in this initiative to counter environmental problems. Recycling is one way to do it and what better place to start from than your own house. Here are some useful tips that will ease recycling for you.

1. Know What Can or Cannot Be Recycled

Not everything can be recycled. For instance, it’s pretty obvious that cardboard boxes can be recycled but pizza boxes (that are just as much as cardboard boxes) cannot be recycled because of the grease that is on the cardboard.

And then you must know what can be recycled and whatnot. Things like batteries can never be recycled for example. We have listed below what can and cannot be recycled to make it easier for.

Recyclable items: Cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, metal containers, plastic bottles, jars, jugs and containers

Non-Recyclable items: Food waste and fruits and vegetable peels, coffee cups, used paper plates, cups, bowl, pet food bags, toilet paper, napkins, tissues, photographs, wires, plastic bags of all sorts, batteries, safe sharps etc.

2. Make Assorted Bins

Making labelled bins will help you loads with the recycling. When you have one bin that says paper while another that says plastic. You would know which bin to turn to when recycling particular item instead of rummaging around in one bin looking for paper to recycles, while constantly being handed dirty napkins and food waste. That’s simply disgusting and chaotic.

3. What Kinds of Plastic Can Go in Your Recycling Bin

You can just go about dumping all sorts of plastic in the bin. Only water bottles, milk jugs, yogurt and margaritas tubs, rigid plant pots and water buckets can be recycled after being thoroughly washed.

Plastics that you should never consider putting in the bin are clamshell plastic, film plastics (bags, bubble wrap), Styrofoam, plastic cups plates and utensils, coffee pods, plastic lids and straws, meal trays, jugs contaminated with motor oil pesticides.

4. Metal Recycling

Tin cans, Aluminum cans, Aerosol cans, aluminum foil, misc. metal, metal paint can, etc. can all be recycled but things like a regular-sized microwave oven. Basically any large electronic appliance, or any other large piece of metal, etc.

5. Glass Recycling

Glass is perfect for recycling. They take an impossibly long time to reduce and thus are the best options to reuse in numerous ways: glass bottles, glass jars are perfect for recycling. But glass items that you should never put in your recycling bin are light bulbs, drinking glasses, flower vases, broken glass, ceramics or dishes etc.

6. Oil Recycling

You can recycle motor oil but any other oil that is mixed with other liquid cannot be recycled. Other oils that cannot be recycled include antifreeze, cooking oil, motor oil with other fluids, and hydraulic fluids.

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