Here is the list of most influential with their short intro in softball game.

1. Jennie Finch

Jennie has remained one of the finest softball players in the US and she is now one of the most influential people you will ever see in softball. She has a good fan-following base on social sites like Instagram and Twitter. He opinion and words are considered credible. She holds a great status as a mentor as a leader when it comes to softball game. During her career, she also won a number of awards and titles.

2. Mike Candrea

This person is the most successful softball coach on this planet. His winning percentage is 80% in his career that no other coach could achieve. This makes him the most respectable and influential person in softball. He remained the head coach of US softball team and now works with University of Arizona as the head coach. Eight national titles in 24 seasons, 21 trips to the Women’s College World Series in the last 26 seasons, and 1,428 career victories are what he known for in the world.

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3. Jessica Mendoza

This former US Olympian and softball player is now better for her broadcasting career and influence in the media. She travels all around the world and covers matches as she is associated with ESPN. Apart from what she does now, she remained one of the top and successful softball players in the US. She won 2004 gold medal in Olympics and a silver in 2008 Olympics. She is a fine softball expert and he commentary and expert views make her popular among the fans.

4. Lauren Chamberlain

Lauren is a professional softball player. She has considered the pride of the US and this pride only makes her one of the most recognized softball players in the world. She started softball at a young age and went to have a successful career. She has broken some amazing records. She broke 91st home run record of Stacey Nuveman in 2013 National Champion. She is equally popular among the young softball fans and has 75,000 Instagram followers.


5. Tim Walton

Tim is the head coach of University of Florida softball team. He has had a striking career as a head coach and is better known for handling extreme pressure. The world believes if there is a coach who tells his team to manage with the pressure, it is Tim.

He was also the Coach of Gators when they played their very first World Series in 2008. Under his coaching, performance of Gators has improved over the time.

6. Sue Enquist

This lady is a jack of all trades. She is UCLA Hall of Fame Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Zepp, Sportboard, Right View Pro and what not. She has considered the most successful softball player in the history with 11 National Championships in her career. She was also included in Women’s Sports Foundation International Hall of Fame. She is a perfect example of success when it comes to softball.

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